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Secondary Glazing


We can tackle all window designs, and in particular are often asked to sound proof, or draught/heat insulate, Victorian sash windows which can look beautiful but may be noisy, dirty and draughty. Our unique design mirrors the structure of your existing primary windows so that the secondary glazing is hardly visible once installed.

We welcome projects in listed buildings that require a high standard of workmanship and expertise.

Our clean and efficient service carries a ten-year guarantee on both workmanship and materials

  • We are specialists in fitting bespoke secondary glazing into listed, historic and classic buildings.
  • We can colour code our frames to match your woodwork, stonework or interior decor.
  • We utilise slim-line aluminium extrusions to make the installation aesthetically pleasing.
  • No bulky wooden subframes. All fixings are normally hidden behind the existing window frames.
  • Excellent thermal/noise insulation.
  • We regularly work closely with many Local Authority Conservation Officers to ensure strict compliance to Heritage guidelines.
  • We do not hide the features of the primary window. If your window is 'out of square' so is ours!
  • If you want to ask a question we are happy to help and we won't hassle you afterwards.
  • We will always give you honest and commercially realistic advice.

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