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uPVC Doors

Our PVC doors come fully equipped with a range of security features that are second to none, and are built to last.

A full 10 year guarantee comes as standard.

Our PVC doors come with numerous designs for you to choose from, as well as an extensive selection of glazing and door furniture options which guarantee you can find the right PVC door for your home.

We have an extensive range with many options. To be completely sure you get the right door for you please call in or arrange a free visit.



Everyone wants to be more secure at home but no one wants to live in a fortress, that is the beauty of our residential door system.

It means that the door frame has the strength and reliability you need to keep your home safe. But because the system is fitted to all of our wide range of stylish high performance residential doors, you can choose security without compromising on the great looks of the door.

A basic PVC-U door may look solid - but it will provide a very low standard of security, especially if it is only fitted with cam locking devices. These just won't stand up to a thief with a jemmy.

In tests, doors with simple cam locking mechanisms were forced open in ten seconds or less. So it is imperative that you think carefully about your choice of door.

For example:

  1. Is the key cylinder anti-drill?
  2. Does the door have hook bolts and shoot bolts?
  3. Do the hook bolts operate upwards?
  4. Are anti-jemmy devices fitted?
  5. All are fitted to our doors - as standard.

And remember, our doors will enhance the appearance of your home with any one of our wide range of styles and finishes, each one tailor made to complement your home perfectly.